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COMMISSION PAY PRO solves sales commission tracking problems

Frazzled Keeping Up with Sales Commission Tracking?

sales commission tracking

Easy Commission Calculations

All your commission calculations in one place

Commission Pay Pro easily handles calculating your employees commissions.  When you go to pay them, all pay calculations are right there for you to put into your payroll system. 

Payroll History Tracking Report

Get Payroll Reports by Employee or by Date

Just one click, enter the dates and you have a payroll report totaled by each employee.

The modern database for commission reporting, complete with instant dashboard stats!   

commission sales tracking dashboard
Gross Sales Tracking

Instant Gross Sales Report by Date

So many times business managers are called on to produce a gross sales report by employee.  Here it is with just a click. 

How CommissionPayPro Works

Add an Employee

You first start by adding an employee or a sub-contractor who you pay regularly via commission.

Set Employee's Commission

You set your employee's commission with a fixed amount or a percentage of a gross sale or a combination of both

Enter Your Employee's Sales 

You enter the gross sale and the employee commission that goes with the sale.  You can even add multiple employees paid from one sale.

Run Easy Pay Day Report

On Payday, you just run the report of all employee's compensation due. The report keeps track of all unpaid employees and their amount due. Simple!

Ditch your Spreadsheets and use Commission Pay Pro for FREE!

Commission Pay Pro works for you starting today...first 2 users Free forever! 

Quickly Calc Sales

Add employees or contractors. Build different commission structures and set pay based on 
income received on each deal

Enter It & Forget It

Every time a payment is 
received, just pick your commission and CPP automatically calculates and saves the payable commission

Tracking & Reports

The system keeps track of all outstanding commissions.  You just run the report when you're ready to pay

Upload Expenses

Employees can login to see their pay. Further employees can upload their reimbursements for easy audit tracking

 ...this is the Least Expensive Solution on the Market Today!

-BCI 11/14/20

Start Now

You choose the amount of employees to control your costs.   2 users are Free for life. Commission Pay Pro pricing ranges from $6.95/mo down to $4.95/mo per employee based on quantity.    This is the lowest full commission tracking solution on the market today.

More Features

Relax You've Got This 

Stress Free Calculations

Commission Pay Pro will keep track of hundreds of commissions for you- Relax.

Easily Pay Sales Staff

Easy Upload of Expenses

All Sales Associates know where their commission stands before being paid. 

No More Calculating

Set a Sale and Forget It

Just set your commission structure, then call it up each time a sale is made.

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