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At Commission PayPro, we are dedicated to transforming how businesses handle commissions for better profitability.


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Easy Steps

Create Employees, Build Commissions

Quickly enter an employee or contractor.

Spec out their commission structure.

You can enter multiple commissions and multiple employees

Enter Gross Sales

Allocate all incoming gross sales to an employee

with their corresponding commission.

The system will automatically calculate the commission

due the employee and save it

Pay Now and Reports

After each gross sale is allocated the system will tell you

what total commission is due each employee for payroll.

No more spreadsheets or remembering commissions due.


Effortless Commission Management with Just a Few Taps

Use Commission PayPro to make and receive payments conveniently on the go – anytime, anywhere, with complete security.

Analytics to Propel Your Business Forward

Track your business's financial performance with insightful analytics and detailed reports provided by Commission PayPro.


Security That Stands Guard Over Your Payroll

Advanced security protocols to ensure that every transaction on Commission PayPro is protected against fraud and theft.

What's Included

Discover a range of services customized to enhance your business's financial operations.

Commission Calculation and Tracking

Define the commission for each employee one time only. Pay employees a percentage or a fixed amount. You define it. Specify different tiers as necessary. Add multiple employees to one commission structure

Full Live Dashboard

Your dashboard will show you employees, commissions, top performers all in one quick view. Gross sales are displayed by year, month or week. Get payroll history and total expenses by time frame.

Expense Receipt Upload

Commission Pay Pro is one of the few commission tracking programs that allows your employees to easily upload their expenses. Once uploaded, you click on the link and quickly review.

Customer Reports

Sometimes you just want to drill down and determine customer spends and other stats with your company. Do this easily by date with Commission PayPro.

Gross Sales Report

Arguably the most viewed report in the software. Most owners want to keep close track of this number. Get it in reports or see it at every login from your dashboard.

Payroll History Report

How much are my employees being paid or maybe I just want to review one employee's pay. This provides you quick access to all payroll actions.

Custom Innovation

Need specialized programming to connect to your applications? We'll architect what you need.

Expense Reports

Yikes! I'm being audited by the IRS or a state agency and I need to show backup justification of my pay to my employees or contractors. This report gives you instant comfort and security.


Grow with our scalable commission solutions.

Client Stories

Hear It from Our Clients

Rich Baker Mortgage Company CEO

"CommissionPayPro has been a game-changer for me and my sales associates. As a mortgage professional, tracking commissions was always a tedious and time-consuming task. CommissionPayPro has streamlined my commission management process and has saved me valuable time. Thanks to this program, I can focus more on what I do best: closing deals and increasing my earnings"

Heather Forbes Author/Speaker

“As a businesswoman, I am incredibly thankful for CommissionPayPro. The peace of mind it provides, knowing that my commission calculations are accurate and free from errors, is invaluable. CommissionPayPro has truly empowered me to take charge of my commission pay and pave the way toward financial success.”

Mark Mayry - Online Business Generator

“As a sales manager who has relied on Excel for commission tracking over the years, I can confidently say that no spreadsheet comes close to the capabilities of Commission PayPro. This platform has completely transformed how I handle my commissions. Its unparalleled customization and flexibility, combined with detailed reporting features, provide invaluable insights into my team’s performance week after week.” 

Your Roadmap to Success

Harnessing Commission PayPro for Business Success


January - You're a New Business

You’ve headed into 2024 with one employee. Paying her a straight 25% each week is simple.


February - Business is Picking Up

You’ve added another two employees. One is paid at 23% and the other is 20 ½%. Confusing.  Better get Commission PayPro.


March - Start Accepting Larger Receipts

A small team of 3 come aboard. They want to submit reimbursable expenses to you. No problem. Commission Paypro has a document uploader.


April - Your Company is on Fire Now

Sales associates are being added at many different commission rates.  Commission PayPro easily keeps track of all employee sales and compensations.


May - Yikes an Audit!

You are hit with your first audit. The regulator wants gross sales, customer names and payroll records.... No Problem for you.


June - You hit 50 employees

Time to integrate services so you move to Commission PayPro’s Enterprise version and you integrate your sales and payroll service with Commission PayPro. Running your business is even easier!

Ready to Upgrade Your Commission Process?

Take your business financials to the next level with Commission PayPro, your trusted commission calculation and tracking partner.

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